Leicester in WW2

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Although his PhD was on prehistoric archaeology, Vincent's interests and his expertise go much wider. Following three years with Leicester City Council's Living History Unit (a community history project), he has worked for English Heritage and then Historic England (the Government's statutory adviser on heritage) since 1996. Initially an archaeologist recommending sites for protection, for the last sixteen years he has advised upon heritage policy within the Government Advice Team.

Military history and archaeology – especially relating to military aviation – have always been a passion, and at 19 he began research on the wartime airfield at Bottesford in Leicestershire (published in 1995 as On the Wings of the Morning). Other publications have included Out of the Blue: assessing Military Aircraft Crash Sites in England 1912-1945 (Antiquity), Who Owns our Dead? (British Archaeology) and Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son: Crash sites and the war dead (Museum of London). More recently he guest edited the Autumn 2013 WW1 themed edition of the English Heritage magazine, Conservation Bulletin.

A practised public speaker, he regularly gives lectures both nationally and internationally. He has taught on the University College London Heritage Management Masters course, been a Course Director on the Oxford University Department of Continuing Education's programme of seminars and is Vice Chair of the European Archaeological Association/European Archaeological Council working group on farming and forestry.

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